The Pineal Room

The Infinite Healing Light


The Pineal Room

The Infinite Healing Light

At The Pineal Room Infinite Healing Light, the Urban eco-Masters and The Pineal Room Cosmic Soul Tribe family have developed a variety of unique programs, projects, products, and tools to help you make the ecological-cosmological shift from the three dimensional lifestyle and thinking to the five dimensional Light-style to allow true healing of the spirit-mind-body in this new place.

Grounding, organizing, and harmonizing your energies at the tissue and cellular level with that of the new solar flares, solar energies, and solar radiation coming into the planet during this 25th Solar Cycle as Sirius, the Sun, and Earth uniquely align is absolutely necessary to achieve and maintain wholistic healing of the human body. Grounding is more important during this time to release any chaotic or trapped energy brought into the body due of the variability in the Earth's geomagnetic poles, past traumas, inflammation, DNA lightcode lockdown, and environmental pollution.

Our unique sea moss blends of herbs, spices, and fruits are simply unmatched and skillfully prepared by the urban eco-Master who holds a Bachelors degree in General Chemistry and Food Porcessing Technology. These light-carrying products are made to effect healing of the spirit-mind-body just by adopting them as your new mheals for breaking your fast, initiaitng your fast, and managing your fast. 

The Pineal Room Sea Moss Blends

Covel-33 Therapy; Vitality C Moss; Energy Moss Berry; Green Clean; Shiva Fire

The Pineal Room Healing Foods

We have shipped to more than 25 US States and Puerto Rico where there are Environmental justice neighborhoods and communities.

From left to right:

(1) Siva Fire: berries, turmeric, pineapple;

(2) Green Clean: spirulina, chlorella;

(3) Covel-33 Therapy: turmeric, ginger, pineapple;

(4) Vitality C Moss: mango, pumpkin, cinnamon; 

(5) Energy Moss Berry: blueberry, elderberry, bladderwrack

The Pineal Room Infinite Healing Light

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The Pineal Room

The Infinite Healing Light